The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business by Christiane Jechoux

The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business

Not Sure by Where to Start & a Bit Confused by it all?
I Hear You...It's a Big Step. And, It's a Lot to Take In... 

An Easy to Follow Course, Presented in a Non-Geeky Language... 
Clear, Up-To-Date & Candid. 

Everything You Need to Create the Foundation of Your Online Business. 
So, What's Your Excuse?
You. Got. This.

Create Your Online Business in Eight Easy Steps...

What do blogging and opening an Online business have in common?

Step #1 - So, You want to open an Online Business?
Setting up and opening your own Online Business is a big step... It is...But you know what?
I believe in You.
You. Got. That.

Step #2 - Building Your Online Success One Step at the Time.
Find your voice and your strength, and better understand where you are coming from. 
Create a strong foundation from the start, and everything else will be a breeze. 

Understanding the basics - The knowledge you need to move forward in confidence!

Step #3 - Master the basics of the Online World...
Regardless of what your end goal may be. With this info on hand, you will be better suited to go forward with your next decisions and build your Online Business.

Step #4 - Setting up the Foundation of Your Online Business.
Building an Online Business is like building a house.
If the foundation of the house is not solid, your future goals will crumple.
Do it right the first time!

Building the foundation of your Online business – Setting up the structure.

Step #5 - Installing WordPress & Your Website
Now comes the fun part...Installing the WordPress Platform & setting up the basics for your websites 'the right way'.

Step #6 - WordPress & Establishing Your Online Business
Your website is the 'online' representation of your business. It's the store window to your aspirations and goals. Built it well. Built it for the future...!

Moving forward with WordPress – Better understanding the Options.

Step #7 - Gutenberg, Plugins & Builders
There's more to WordPress than just a Theme. Better understand the 'toys' that are offered, and how to use them to your advantage.

Step #8 - Revenue Streams - Promo & Affiliate Revenues
How to promote your Online Business by better understanding Social Media, Email Marketing and Affiliate Revenues.

Included With Your Online Course

Eight Module Checklists

Sometimes we forget the 'why' when we started a project. I understand...And because of this, and to keep you organized, I've created eight Module part of your Online Course.

Free WordPress Theme

When you start building your Online Business, you need all the freebies you can find...
And...Build your business future on a strong foundation...
Well, here's a little something for you. 
Once you finish your course, contact me, and I'll send you the Genesis/StudioPress theme of your choice.
Yes, at no extra charge.

Because I know to well what it is to start out with only a dream!

Online Small Business Resources

Just a little something extra just for you...
14 page eBooklet filled with verified Resources, that you can use to build your Online Business.


I'm a newbie to the online world, and to be honest, I wasn't sure about spending $97.00 for a course on how to set up my online biz. Well, I was wrong. Now that I’ve taken the course, I can honestly say that it's the best thing I've done by far! It not only saved me time & aggravation, but twice the amount on mistakes I may have done otherwise. The course is easy to follow, concise and also comes with checklist & worksheets that makes the different set up easy to implement.  If you are looking to set up your biz & website on your own, save yourself the running around, and do it right the first time by taking this course!

Ester Marshana
I wanted to set up my website...and was not sure by where to start. That changed when I took Chris's course 'The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business'. From the first lesson, I knew I was in for something above average, as Chris literally takes you by the hand and shows you step by step, the different processes to follow. Easy and to the point, it only took a lesson or two for me to get over my fears of venturing out in the online world. Also, if you are more of the visual type, the video tutorials + printable worksheets & checklist make it breeze to figure out procedures. All I can say is that she makes a process that could be overwhelming, real easy. Well worth every penny and your time!

Alan Carbonicky


Before we go any further, let’s talk about something here...

"Setting up" an Online Business is the same, regardless what your end goal is. This applies to all, from Blogger, eCommerce, Virtual Business Owners, VA's and more... 

It's. The. Same.
Why? Because the 'foundation' i.e. the building blocks are the same for all.    

> All need to register a Domain Name. 
> All need a Web Hosting Provider to ‘host’ their website.
> All need a platform, on which they will create their website.

All need a good amount of imagination. 
Guts. Belief in Oneself... & ‘Grit’
All are considered a 'Leap of Faith'.

So, now that we got that out of the way, let’s get the process going!

If I have any questions during the course, can I reach you?

For sure you can! Just send an email at - and add 'Podia' in the Subject line. 

This course is about the 101 on how to set up your Online Business... Do you offer a one on on course that goes into more details?

I do, and for such, please contact me at:
Meanwhile, if you are interested in more info on the basics of how to design your website, I offer the following eBooklet on Podia:
The Power of Colors & Your Online Business

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Online Small Business Resources.pdf
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The 101 on How to Set up Your Online Business - Modules
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Step #1 - So, You Want to Open an Online Business?
Hi, My Name Is Christiane Jechoux. CJ for Short
So, What’s a Blog? Yes, This Has to Do With Building an Online Business
Google Rules - Content is King...
Step #2 - Building Your Online Success One Step at the Time
Building Your Success - Finding Your Niche
Building Your Success - Your Writing Style
Building Your Success - Blogging & Money
Building Your Success - Designing Your Website/Blog
Step #3 - Understanding the Basics & Building Your Online Business
Step #1: What is a Domain Name?
Step #2: What is Web Hosting?
Step #3: The in’s & out of Choosing Your Domain Name
Step #4: Creating Your Website With WordPress
Step #4 - Setting up the Foundation of Your Online Business
Registering Your Domain Name… Is It Still Available?
From Domain Name to Opening Your Web Hosting Account
Installing an SSL Certificate - What Is It & Why You Need It
Step #5 - Installing WordPress & Your Website
Setting up the WordPress Platform in Two Easy Steps
Setting Up your WordPress Website 101
Step #6 - WordPress & Establishing Your Online Business
Creating Your First Website. What’s out There & What Works...
Choosing and Installing Your WordPress Theme
Simplifying your Website/Blog’s Design Process
Step #7 - All the Extras - Gutenberg, Plugins & Builders
Gutenberg & WordPress Plugins
Recommended WordPress Plugins
WordPress Website Builders
Step #8 - Revenue Streams - Promo & Affiliate Revenues
Revenue Streams - Affiliate & Email Marketing
Steps on How to Promote Your Website/Blog
Congrats - You Did It!
Here's a Little Gift for You....Free Genesis/Studiopress WordPress Template

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